Talking Affiliate Marketing: Winter 2021


This is the first in our monthly (approximatly) seies of conversations with GPC's most knowledgeable affiliate managers.

Today, we talk Google Ads potential, Taboola's downward trend, and scaling listicles with Niek Tijsen and Vivian Ngovu. 

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Q: What trends are you seeing?

Vivian (V): More affiliates are testing and running on Google, that includes GDN, search, and YouTube. At the same time, we’re also seeing lots of affiliates starting to work with smaller ad platforms; some are even building direct site relationships.

There’s also been an interest in branded offers with influencers.

Niek (N): Video Advertising is becoming more important. There’s also a big focus on home improvement offers due to the COVID lockdown.


Q: What’s working for your affiliates? 

V: Combining high-quality video creatives and influencer mentions is performing well.

N: Google Ads is showing more potential than ever. That includes search, display and YouTube advertising.


Q: What’s not working for your affiliates? 

V: We can say this every time, but Facebook is still tenuous due to their stringent compliance policies (unless you're running through the brand fan page or your own brand).

Also, word to the wise: copycatting ads, presales, and creatives is never going to help anyone scale.

N: Taboola ads. We’re still seeing a downward trend on that platform.


Q: What’s an interesting thing you've helped an affiliate with recently? 

V: I did a lot of Q4 2020 listicle work and helped a few affiliates have their biggest years ever.

N: One of my six-figure native affiliates has successfully transitioned from Native ads to Google Ads.  I supplied an experienced google rep, figured out what offers to run, and helped with keyword and audience research.  Revenue is now a lot more stable and profit margins are healthier.

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