GPC Presents at Cartels Mastermind Dominican Republic 2019


On January 22, 2019, GPC President & Co-Founder Jordan Rolband presented at the Cartels Mastermind, a week-long exclusive event giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn from the top 1% in the eCommerce world. 

Jordan's presentation focused on the factors critical for global eCommerce expansion, as well as a primer on affiliate marketing, including the characteristics of a great publisher, industry warning signs, and the value of this marketing approach. 

"The small, immersive nature of this kind of event is perfect for learning and digging into what's really going to take your business to the next level," said Rolband.  "It was a great experience sharing with other high-level industry peers."  

Check out Jordan's full presentation below. 


Jordan Rolband - Cartels Mastermind - January 2019 from GPC Global Performance Commerce

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