GPC Hosts San Diego eCommerce Workshop


On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, GPC hosted an eCommerce workshop in San Diego for its network of affiliates.

Geared around optimizing and scaling global eCommerce campaigns in tons of different verticals, the teams spent the afternoon networking and brainstorming, eventually breaking up into several different groups to discuss how GPC builds high-converting, international eCommerce campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Google, native and even via direct site buys. 

"It's amazing having this many of our affiliate partners in one room to discuss where the industry is going and how we can collectively scale our businesses," said Alex Brown, GPC's Chief Marketing Officer.

"We're collaborating on how we can collectively dominate the eCommerce space in 2019 and beyond," said GPC Co-Founder and President Jordan Rolband. 

Amen, Jordan. Check out the wrap-up video below. 

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