GPC, Hard Work and the Power of Belief


When I get asked what it takes to build a business, I often say that it takes a ton of hard work.

It can require staggering amounts of money, time and help. Weekends get sacrificed. Sleep is scarce. Failure is common. Fortunately, hard work and pursuit of your goals will lead to success.

But it’s only now that we’ve built GPC, an end-to-end eCommerce solution with 290+ creatives, marketers, product designers, media buyers, data scientists and more, that I reflect and understand that it was much more than just hard work.

The work was guided by a set of underlying beliefs; principles that continue to remind us that we’re building this business for the long term, and that means doing what’s right rather than what’s easy.

We’ve outlined those principles on our website because belief is a powerful tool. It guides and continues to inspire us.

As we continue to work hard and grow, we think it’s important for our partners, clients, customers, potential hires and the performance marketing industry-at-large to understand and feel the same.

Work hard. Follow your principles. Get inspired.

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