GPC Appoints New Vice President of Product Management


GPC Global Performance Commerce, an industry-leading performance marketing agency, announced today that Christine Kuenzle has been promoted to Vice President of Product Management. Christine was previously the senior partner relations manager, where she led client prospecting and business intelligence initiatives, managed corporate event strategy, and structured the sales and traffic teams’ CRM and reporting.    

In her new role, Christine will focus on curating product pipelines and positioning new product launches for optimal performance by bridging the gap between traffic opportunities and new products. She will continue to lead the business intelligence team and coordinate with internal design and development staff to grow GPC’s product portfolio and bring cutting-edge campaigns to market.

“Christine has a proven ability to facilitate communication between product sourcing, development, sales, and marketing that allows our teams to work cohesively, focus on results, and move lightning fast.” said CEO and Co-Founder Bruce Cran.

Christine has been with GPC for more than six years. She started in GPC’s Manhattan office where she first trained as an affiliate manager before advancing to lead the client prospecting and business intelligence team. She also took on management of the company’s international networking events, growing average event attendance to over 2000 attendees. In her time at GPC she has built strong relationships with sales and marketing teams around the globe, and views international collaboration as a key element to success.

“As digital marketing platforms continue to change and our product and brand pipelines grow, it’s critical to have someone ensuring teams are optimized,” said President and Co-Founder Jordan Rolband. “We’re excited to see the results Christine can bring.”

“This is a great opportunity to bring amazing products to market and build on the international success of GPC,” said Kuenzle. “There is unlimited potential in our approach to global marketing, and I look forward to growing an effective and essential product portfolio that will cement GPC’s role as a giant of eCommerce.”

Christine holds a Master of International Business from the University of Wisconsin and works with our global offices out of her base in Luxembourg.

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