GPC Announces Appointment of a New CIO


GPC Global Performance Commerce, an industry-leading performance marketing agency, announced today that Tim Shuvaloff has been promoted to chief information officer. Tim was vice president of operations and analytics, where he oversaw global operations of our advertising, analytics, IT, market research, and conversation rate optimization teams.

In his new role, Tim will expand his analytics work and will lead teams to ensure GPC has the most robust application of machine learning and AI underpinning its infrastructure. He’ll also focus on deploying high-usage, self-serve analytics applications across company users and levels.

“Tim has an uncanny ability to deliver insight-driven decisions and business outcomes for GPC and clients,” said CEO and Co-Founder Bruce Cran.

Tim joined GPC in 2014 after his graduation from Simon Fraser University. As a marketing operations coordinator, he managed the design, development, maintenance, and optimization of several different product lines. He moved very quickly into a leadership position across operations and analytics.

“Tim knows that data and success go hand-in-hand,” said President and Co-Founder Jordan Rolband. “His ability to capture details and push teams to act on them has had a tremendous impact on our success.”

“I’m extremely grateful for the trust that I’ve been given by Bruce, Jordan, and GPC,” said Tim. “GPC is a market leader in innovation, and I’m looking forward to helping drive that in the areas of machine learning and AI, data architecture and organization, and marketing campaign optimization – at all levels.”

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