DFO Presents at SheCommerce 2018


On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, DFO Global Performance Commerce Senior Partner Relations Manager Mai Willin delivered a presentation at Affiliate World’s SheCommerce event, the world's first conference designed to connect women and inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs to build e-commerce empires.

Mai’s presentation showed how DFO took a product from double-digit sales to a multi-million-dollar brand with 10K+ sales per day. A few of Mai’s key takeaways include:

  • Pick your (marketing) lane. Is the story you’re telling clear and easy enough to understand? Is your audience large enough?
  • Always be testing. Do you need domestic processing? What about localized payments? Have you split-tested and optimized your sales funnels?
  • Scale globally. What other geographies can use this product? Where can we localize it and what do we need to do for that to be successful?

“Seeing how much SheCommere has grown in the past year has been truly incredible,” said Willin. “It’s fantastic to be part of a community where women support and empower each other while building our eCommerce businesses.”

Check out Mai’s full presentation below.


SheCommerce Presentation - DFO - December 2018 from DFO Global Performance Commerce

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