DFO Global Elevates Niek Tijsen to Vice President, Product Development


DFO Global Performance Commerce, an industry-leading performance marketing and eCommerce company, announced today that Niek Tijsen has been promoted to Vice President, Product Development. Tijsen was previously a partner relations manager, where he spent the last 2.5 years growing relationships with traffic sources (Google and Taboola) and independent marketing affiliates.

In his new role, Tijsen will focus on curating product pipelines and positioning new product launches for optimal performance by bridging the gap between traffic opportunities and new products. He will coordinate with internal design and development staff to grow DFO’s product portfolio and bring cutting-edge campaigns to market.

“Niek has worked closely with our product development and affiliate team to help scale many of our internal brands,” said Senior Vice President David Geijtenbeek. “This is a great next step for Niek – and for DFO Global – to ensure the continued growth of our eCommerce business.”

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to continue to grow with DFO Global,” said Tijsen. “I’m excited to work closely with our affiliate team and product team to ensure our new products and funnels are deployed quickly and effectively.”

Before his time in digital marketing, Tijsen spent 12 years as a chef, including a stint at the Google headquarters in Amsterdam. Before his time with DFO Global, he was previously a product manager and director of partner relations at First Media. He coordinates with our global offices from his home base in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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