Andre Thivierge Promoted to Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing at GPC


GPC Global Performance Commerce, an industry-leading performance marketing company, announced today that Andre Thivierge has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing. Andre was previously head of strategic development, where he helped oversee and manage software development teams and projects in Vietnam and Brazil.

In his new role, Andre will help manage data-forward marketing and retargeting efforts. He will oversee third-party application integrations, develop and automate conversational marketing channels, and manage the company’s lead generation efforts.

“Andre has spent the last 20+ years as my right-hand, where he’s tackled complex data, UI, and systems challenges. His unique combination of analytics and people skills are in high-demand,” said CEO and Co-Founder Bruce Cran. “I can think of no one better to help increase both client and internal revenue streams and maximize our remarketing efforts. 

Andre has been with GPC since its inception. He has held a variety of roles in his 20+ years working alongside Bruce Cran, including design, list, and database management, SaaS solution sales and support, and third-party client support.

“Andre’s technology and development skills make him an ideal fit for our growing retargeting efforts,” said Chief Strategic Officer Marco Lomeli. “We’re eager leverage his expertise and continue our remarketing momentum.”

“I’ve spent the bulk of my career working with Bruce and am proud of GPC’s standing in the eCommerce marketplace,” said Thivierge. “I’m thrilled to be able to leverage my experience to help us further grow and succeed.”

Andre holds a computer science degree and various accreditations from Microsoft and Cisco, among others. In his spare time, he enjoys family time, martial arts, snowboarding, and triathlon.

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